Home and Belonging film: Me & My Sisters

A short film made by digi-film artist Aleksandra Dogramadzi

The Hatton Gallery is closed

We are undergoing a £3.8 million redevelopment. When the gallery re-opens in autumn 2017, it will be a vibrant and modern exhibition space bringing about a new era for art and learning in the city.

Gallery improvements will include:

  • conserving the architectural and historical elements of the building whilst modernising the gallery to allow for flexible exhibition facilities;
  • a dedicated multi - purpose learning space;
  • improved lighting;
  • a new picture store;
  • conservation and reinterpretation of Kurt Schwitters’ iconic Merz Barn Wall.

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Hatton Pavilion

Touring Newcastle Gateshead from spring 2017

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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer in Community Participation and Hatton Showcase. Deadline for applications: 20 December.

Newcastle University Fine Art

Find out more about the Fine Art School which the Hatton Gallery is part of


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Supported by Heritage Lottery Fund

The Hatton Gallery is closed for a £3.8million refurbishment, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.