Culture Segments


As the name suggests, the Enrichment segment looks to culture as a form of 'enrichment'. You are likely to have established tastes and enjoy culture that links into your interests which may include nature, heritage and more traditional artforms. You are not a follower of fads. We hope that we provide lots of interesting experiences for you as a member.

Attitudes and life priorities:

  • Nature, Gardening, Countryside
  • Traditional artforms
  • Home life
  • The Past
  • Faith
  • Arts and crafts


If you’re in the Entertainment segment you might not consider yourself a ‘culture vulture’ but you do enjoy spectacular, entertaining or must-see events and shows. It is important that the experience is fun and sociable too. We’ll be sure to make sure you know about the big events so you don’t miss out.

Attitudes and life priorities:

  • Home and pub
  • TV, Celebrity, Sports
  • Thrill
  • Escapism
  • Priorities close to home


The Expression segment is in-tune with their creative and spiritual side. You are likely to be confident, fun-loving, self-aware and have a wide range of interests, from culture and learning, to community and nature. Expression people often enjoy shared experiences and connecting with others so like to see a wide range of people benefiting from arts and culture. We’re so pleased you’ve joined together with our other members.

Attitudes and life priorities:

  • Living life to the full
  • Community and family
  • Arts and Culture
  • Faith and Sprirituality
  • Nature


The Stimulation segment is an active group who live their lives to the full, looking for new experiences and ways to break away from the crowd. If you are in this segment, you probably embrace a wide range of interests, from culture to sports and music. You like to know about things ahead of others and enjoy that your friends ask you about what’s going on that is exciting or interesting. We look forward to sharing adventures with you!

Attitudes and life priorities:

  • Enjoying life
  • Going out
  • Taking risks
  • Live music
  • Food and drink
  • Contemporary events


The Perspective segment is settled, fulfilled, self-sufficient and independent minded. You do have an underlying spontaneous nature and like making your own discoveries – this and your desire to learn can provide a focus for engaging with arts and culture.

Attitudes and life priorities:

  • Their own needs are important
  • Inner directed
  • Reading
  • Learning
  • The outdoors


If you are in the Affirmation segment you are very thoughtful and considered and good at making careful decisions – you know how to weigh up the pros and cons. You recognise culture as a way of doing something more worthwhile with your leisure time so like to try out things as a means of self-development – as well as spending quality time with others. We look forward to continuing to welcome you.

Attitudes and life priorities:

  • Family needs
  • Personal development
  • Quality time with others
  • Wholesome leisure activities
  • Enjoyable experiences


The Release segment tends to have a lot of things to squeeze into their days. It is possible you used to go to more cultural activity but these days it can be tricky finding the time. We are sure you’d like to do more but there is so much choice – so we will make sure we tell you about the highlights and make it quick and easy for you to get the information you need.

Attitudes and life priorities:

  • Work and family
  • Socialising outside the home
  • Relaxation
  • Entertainment
  • Priorities are close to home


People in the Essence segment tend to be well-educated professionals and highly active cultural attenders. You are leaders rather than followers, informed and confident in your own tastes. We know that you are knowledgeable and sophisticated, so rather than trying to “sell things” to you we will send you all the relevant information and let you decide what you will appreciate the most.

Attitudes and life priorities:

  • Exploring art and culture
  • Self development
  • Lifelong learners
  • Experience over material goods
  • Adventures