Laurence Kavanagh (Star and Shadow)

This is a historic exhibition. It is no longer available to visit and this page is only retained as a record of the previous event. For current and future exhibitions, visit our What's On page.

A new commission especially for the Hatton Gallery.

Abstract 1


Until 20 February 2016 (historic exhibition)

Newcastle University alumnus Laurence Kavanagh presents a new art work in the Hatton Gallery's glass entrance, commissioned to respond to the legacy of Basic Design teaching at the University led by Victor Pasmore and Richard Hamilton in the 1950s and 1960s. Working with the Star and Shadow Cinema co-operative, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Kavanagh has created a collage which represents the cinema screen as a sculptural object, examining the relationship between the real space we inhabit when looking at the art work, and the imagined filmic space that the screen reflects.

Laurence Kavanagh is the 2014/2015 Warwick Stafford Fellow at Northumbria University.

This commission has been supported by money raised through Arts Council England’s Catalyst Arts: capacity building and match funding scheme.