Francis Bacon | Ellen Gallagher

This is a historic exhibition. It is no longer available to visit and this page is only retained as a record of the previous event. For current and future exhibitions, visit our What's On page.

This exhibition will shed new light on each of Francis Bacon's and Ellen Gallagher's work.

Hatton entrance


Until 18 May 2019 (historic exhibition)


This is the first exhibition in a new strand of programming at the Hatton Gallery premised on the visual synergies between different artists’ bodies of work. This curatorial strategy seeks to deal creatively with the Hatton’s collection, providing an alternative to strictly art-historical approaches.

Francis Bacon’s piece Study for Figure VI, 1956-57, one of the most iconic works in the Hatton collection is the catalyst for  Francis Bacon | Ellen Gallagher which sheds new light on each artists’ work. Specifically, the exhibition presents a dialogue between oil paintings by Bacon and Morphia, a series of works on paper by Ellen Gallagher, considered to be one of the most acclaimed contemporary artists to have emerged from North America since the mid-1990s. 

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