Home education resource: Red

Explore the colour red, inspired by works in the Hatton collection.

A painting called The Red Table by Patrick Heron


Until Friday 17 July


If you are currently home educating, either by choice or because of school closures, including art in your plans is not only educational but good for wellbeing. 

This resource helps you and your child/young adult explore the colour red, inspired by paintings in the Hatton collection.

Please note: the gallery is currently closed until further notice. 


Look at this painting: Red Table by Patrick Heron, 1950.

  • Can you make a list of the objects on the table? 
  • What other colours does Patrick Heron use as well as red? 
  • What are the main colours he uses in the background?

In a painting red is a very dramatic colour and it jumps forward. Can you think of all of the different meanings the colour red has when its used in signs, in paintings or on notices?

Look at Portrait of a Young Man by Jakob Ferdinand Voet. Notice how in this portrait the red bow tie adds an accent of bright colour contrasting with the dark colours used in  the rest of the painting


You will need: Paper, pencils, paints & palette to mix colours – this could be a plate or a bit of scrap card

  • Draw a simple outline of objects on your table at home such as cups, plates, jugs
  • Instead of painting them the colours that they are paint them lots of different shades of red
  • Use red with a lot of yellow in to make orange-red
  • Use red with a lot of blue in to make purple-red
  • Use red with white to make pink
  • Paint the background dark to make the table and objects jump out in your picture

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